Friday, March 11, 2011

Mission- RJ's Bob-Be-Que Shack

The original RJ's Bob-Be-Que Shack
My latest quest for unique places and ways to eat pork around Kansas brought me full-circle, back to a place I’ve known before called “RJ’s Bob-Be-Que Shack” in Mission, KS. “RJ’s” sits at the intersection of Lamar Ave. and Johnson Dr., and actually happens to be one of the first non-chain BBQ places I ever ate at in Kansas City, so in a way, it can be blamed for my love of all things barbeque!

“RJ’s” owner Bob Palmgren, trained in French cuisine, has made it a point to think outside the barbeque box, while remembering to do the traditional barbeque foods their justice at the same time. The latest idea-turned-food to come from his kitchen (and the one that brought me back to RJ’s) is the “Jalapeño Sausage”.


The sausage is such an interesting specimen that it ended up being featured in an episode of “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” hosted by Guy Feiri on Food Network. The basis for the sausage recipe is ground pork that is mixed with chopped jalapeños and garlic, along with many other spices. If that’s not enough for you, it is then put into corn husks (like a tamale) before it is smoked to perfection like any good barbeque meat should be!

My kind of art.

I, like Guy Feiri, was blown away by the near perfect combination of texture and flavor the sausage had to offer. The jalapeño and garlic went very well with the general flavor that comes with smoked pork sausage. I tried it with, and without BBQ sauce, and found it equally good each way. Also, the fact that it is smoked in a corn husk gives it even more layers of greatness! The whole plate, as you can see in the picture, is really quite a work of art, and simply put, it tastes as good as it looks!
Whether you want to try the jalapeño sausage, or you simply want some ribs or a pulled pork sandwich and fries, RJ’s Bob-Be-Que Shack has it all. Conveniently, RJ’s is also fairly accessible, as there are two good ways to get to it from I-35. You can go south on Lamar Ave. from I-35, or go east on Johnson Dr. from I-35. They also have an amazing looking breakfast menu that they pull out for Saturday and Sunday only, so keep that in mind if you’re in town for a weekend.

I was also told that I need to try RJ’s smoked “Pork Butt Burger” that they serve on Mondays and Tuesdays only, so keep your eyes open for more details on that one in the future here on “Pigging Out and About!”

Since everyone really seamed to like last week's giveaway with the cutting board, we thought we'd give another away. Answer the question below before 10 a.m. on Tuesday,. March 15 for a chance to win a pork cutting board. See a pic of the cutting board here.

Question: Have you check out pork's new website What is your favorite pork picture or video?



  1. LindaBell ( 14, 2011 at 7:57 AM

    Loved the website videos and recipes! My favorite video is the first one for pork carnitas. It looks so easy and is healthy too!

  2. I am liking the picture of the "Low and Slow Pulled Pork" :) It looks really good! By the way, is this where we post for the cutting board entry? ;)

  3. Yes Cherie! This is exactly where you would post!

  4. Not really a picture or video, but the recipe for the "Bacon and Mushroom Bite-Size Quiche" is now on my to do list!!

  5. Honey Pork Tenderloin Kabobs

  6. I'll have to go with the pulled pork, low and slow. That's a tried and true recipe.

    Retweeted, same ID on Twitter.

  7. I like the info on indirect grilling for pork ribs, loin or large pieces of meat. With warmer weather coming I'll be using these tips!

  8. The Honey Pork Tenderloin Kabobs look sooo good in the picture.

  9. I love the 'Have Pork, Will Travel' comment :)

  10. Congratulations Kristin! You've one the cutting board! Please give Jodi an email @ and she will send your cutting board!