Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Atchison- Iron Horse BBQ

Kansas Style Iron Horse BBQ
My family and I took a trip to northeast Kansas to visit my grandmother for her 90th birthday. While there, I thought I would check out the local barbeque scene. A quick Google search of the area led me to Iron Horse BBQ in Atchison,  (not to be confused with Iron horse BBQ in Arkansas or Georgia or a company that makes train shaped smokers.).  

Gotta love the train theme.

After visiting with the employees, I learned that Iron Horse BBQ has been open for a few years and is the only barbeque restaurant in town. It was located in a cool old downtown building close to the Missouri River.  I have to give this place extra credit for atmosphere because it is the only train themed barbeque joint I have ever seen in Kansas. 

Sweet and Smokey.
The smell of wood smoke wafted to nose as I walked through the front door, which I always consider to be a very good sign of what is to come. I would characterize Iron Horse as a Kansas City style barbeque restaurant due to the smoky flavor of the meat and the sweet homemade sauce choices. While I certainly prefer my barbeque to have much more flavor from a good quality rub, I would probably give this place a second chance. The prices are hard to beat. 

My kind of value menu.
For around $25 I picked up a family platter with ribs, sausage, fries and several smoked meats. This was a real feast, and a bargain at that!

The waitress also told me about amazing rib specials that can be had on the weekends and I will undoubtedly be there for a taste of their rib special the next time I am in the area. 

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Easter is right around the corner and we know you have a great ham recipe or two. What is your favorite Easter ham recipe? 

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  1. I seriously need that cup. I like to do a traditional baked ham, nothing fancy...BUT, do a sauce on the side of 3/4 heinz 57 sauce and 1/4 honey....so, so yummy!!!

  2. Ham salad:
    Leftover ham
    Onion, chopped
    Boiled egg, chopped
    Serve on crackers or bread

  3. my favorite way to fix a ham is put it in a crockpot open a can of pineapple and put it on high for about 5hrs.

  4. Congratulations 2 Chick! You have won the new travel mug! Please contact our partner Jodi at jodit@kspork.org with your mailing address!

    Thank you all for your ham recipes!